World of Warcraft Mining Secrets - Secrets Areas and Tips For Getting Rich With Mining

Published: 13th March 2009
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World of Warcraft Mining is still my favorite Profession to start of with. This is because it is much easier to make gold even in the early levels of gameplay

Alot of WoW gamers focus on mining only in Northrend, this is fine but remember since the introduction of Jewelcrafting that all mining material sells well. Remember, Jewelcrafting requires ores to level up, as well as gems which you can get by Prospecting the ore, this means Mining is an excellent way to start off with if you want to make some gold early on.

A quick tip: WoW Mining in Northrend also allows you not only to get ores, but also Crystallized elements like Water, Earth, Shadow, and green Gems.

Let's take a look at Azeroth. Azeroth deposits not only produce ore they can also drop stones that are used by Jewelcrafters thereby opening another revenue stream for yourself. This is an easy and inexpensive way to get some Jewelcrafting skill points. I would recommend that you mine ore of all types and keep most of the metal in ore form. Do not smelt it into bars. Why? Because ore can be prospected into gems which are in high demand to a Jewelcrafter. And though Jewelcrafters use the bars as well, you can never change bars back into ore form. Just keeping it in ore form keeps your options open.

Now let me reveal a couple of great spots for mining that I love in Azeroth.

Some of the most valuable mining veins are the thorium veins. If your Mining Profession level is high enough, one of the best ares is the Un'goro crafter as well as Winterspring. There is alot of competition for the ore but they drop alot of thorium and also you get a chance every so often at Arcane crystals, Azerothian diamonds and other valuable gems. Those spots are cool, but remember that they are competitive.

Here's an area that alot of WoW gamers miss. In Hearthglen Mine in the Northern Western Plaguelands. There is one rich thorium vein just on the outside of the mine, but wait, go inside because there are 2 more. They have a fast respawn time but be careful because the veins inside the mine are guarded by groups of 2 miners. Don't worry too much though because they are non-elite miners and almost all classes can either solo or distract them. Keep an eye out for those arcane crystals as well! I have sometimes seen a few drop at a time. With that said, this secret spot should pose no issues for most gamers. You need a minimum Mining level of 251 since this is thorium were talking about.

Good luck!


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